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ThawDaddy™ | Defrost Express Tray

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  • No chemicals or electricity used.
  • Surface stays cool to the touch throughout
  • Defrosts food 10 times faster
  • Premium quality

It's the ultimate solution to eliminate last-minute thawing frustration

ThawDaddy™ saves you from the headache of forgetting to take the food out of the freezer ahead of time. Stop spoiling your food by using a microwave and hot water that end up cooking your meat and foster the development of bacteria.


Prepare your meals, while keeping the original taste and nutrition of your ingredients. You no longer have to wait for hours to eat your food!

How does it work?

No preheating or hot water is required. The ThawDaddy™ doesn't require electricity, battery or any type of chemical to work. Simply lay the frozen food on the tray and watch it thaw in front of your eyes.

  • Quality Material. Made from a special aluminum alloy with thermal conductivity of 20,000 times that of ordinary metals.
  • Hassle-Free. It achieves a high-speed heat exchange, resulting in the fastest natural thawing.  Defrost meat 9 times quicker than the traditional way.
  • Ultra-Fast Thawing. Defrost smaller food such as burgers, sausages, prawns, and bacon even faster!

 Suitable for any type of frozen food:
  • Red Meat (steak, burger...)
  • Poultry (turkey, chicken...)
  • Fish (shrimp, salmon, white fish...)
  • Pork (sausage, bacon...)
  • Vegetables 

ThawDaddy™ is the safest and fastest way to defrost meat

  • Easy to clean: dishwasher safe or hand-washed
  • Suitable for any food
  • Chemical-free
  • Cool to the touch
  • Natural thawing process
  • Food grade aluminum material
  • Full dimensions: L - 35.5 20.5 0.2, M - 29.5 20.8 0.2, S - 23 16.5 0.2



    Why wait a whole day to cook a meal that'll take 30 minutes to cook?

    Get your ThawDaddy™ today! 

    See our FAQ for more details  


    1. How does it work?  No preheating or hot water is required. The ThawDaddy™ doesn't require electricity, battery, or any type of chemical to work. Simply lay the frozen food on the tray and watch it thaw in front of your eyes.

    2How long will it take to defrost the meat? All meats thaw at different times depending on their size, but can take anywhere from 10-30 minutes, not hours!

    3. Can you put preseason meat on it? Actually, for a quicker thawing and extra flavor, we recommend sprinkling salt and your favorite condiments over the food!

    4. Will it thaw meat in a ziplock bag? The most effective and quickest heat transfer would occur without the bag. 

    5. Can it defrost chopped meat? Yes, it can. Unwrap the meat and put it on the tray. 

    6. Does my purchase come with a warranty? Yes! If your ThawDaddy™ becomes defective within 1 year of normal usage, we will gladly issue a replacement—just pay to ship. *T&C Applies



    Your purchase is covered by our 30-day money-back guarantee & 1-year premium warranty.


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    3. Where do you ship? We currently ship Worldwide.

    4. Can I return something if I don't like it? Yes. You must return your product within 30 days of the product being received. Any returned product(s) must be returned in all of their original packaging, and in like-new condition.

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