IceSphere™ | Silicone ice Sphere Mold


IceSphere™ | Silicone ice Sphere Mold

Introducing lceSphere™

Avoid watery drinks by using these large, slow-melting cubes to chill your drink. Cubes melt slowly to prevent diluting drinks, and ice may last long enough to pour another beverage over it.

  • Non-side leakage
  • Ear tongue design
  • Reinforced four angle
  • Easy to fill up

Easily make ice balls right at home!

The soft silicone ensures easy release after the perfect ice is done. IceSphere™ does not only make perfect ice balls but also for summer delicacies. Add edible flowers, lemon slices, or anything you like to the water!


Effortless to fill water through a mini funnel, no spilling or over-filling. Take off the perfect ice balls effortlessly and ice balls melt slowly to cool your drink longer. The plastic tray makes it is easy to move and carry when full of water. The flexible silicone makes the ice ball simply pop out perfectly formed.

Variety Of Use

You can use the round ice trays to cool your drinks and make homemade delicacies, such as cocktail, iced coffee, popsicles, puddings, fruit jellies, and colorful fruit juice, or add lemon slices or lime wedges to the water.

Durable Tray

Made of high-quality food-grade material, BPA free, and odorless. The mold is composed of upper and lower hemispheres, which are easy to demold. The upper hemisphere is made of silica gel, while the lower hemisphere is made of ABS. It can be used in the freezer, microwave, and dishwasher.



The reinforced bottom offers a better balance while you hold and take the trays full of water. Move it around with full water and no leakage. 

    • Size: 5.5 cm
    • Material: Silica gel+ ABS
    • Weight: 196/270g

    Product Includes:

    • 1 x IceSphere™ Silicone ice Sphere Mold

    Grab IceSphere™ today and enjoy cold drinks longer!


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    Safe & Convenient
    Easy To Use
    Premium Quality

    Keep Your Drinks Cold Longer

    with lceSphere™
    • Tight closure for clear full balls
    • Easy to take balls out
    • Molds with small water inlets
    • Unique bumping seals
    • BPA-free and food grade silicone
    • Temperature resistance within - 104℉ to 428℉