Shipping & Delivery


Depending on the size of the product and your location, the cost of shipping gets calculated automatically at the time of checkout, unless we are running a FREE Shipping campaign, then it's free. *T&C applies



It takes 24 hours for our team to process your order after placing it. During this period is when we check and make sure that all the info we need to process the shipment has been received. Once the order is confirmed is when the delivery lead time begins. 

At the moment, we only ship to the following countries for FREE within the mentioned time-frames.

We strive to ensure continued supply and distribution of our products, given that, due to the nature and limitation of the current situation (Covid-19), we have adjusted our shipping times to set your expectations accordingly. Rest assured we are doing our best to deliver your order sooner than the given timeframes, when possible,

  1. United States will take 1-2 weeks Canada will take 2-4 weeks
  2. United Kingdom will take 2-4 weeks  
  3. Australia will take 1-2 weeks 
  4. Rest of the world will take 12-40 days

    It is taking longer than usual as we only have 2 fulfillment centers that is open for service, but guaranteed that the it will arrive at your specified address accordingly all while we work on expanding our fulfillment centers to ship our products with affordable rates faster in the future!