The Holiday Season To Ponder On

December 31, 2020 2 min read

The Holiday Season To Ponder On


Holiday season has always been an exciting time that most people look forward to. The preparation, celebration, festivities, gift giving, reunions are filled with cheers and laughter. For many, the holidays are the most important days of every year because they get to be  home and spend quality time with family and friends. It is widely, if not the most celebrated around the world. 

All of the merry making has always been about reconnection and revolved around socializing. It all changed this year. Probably the most interesting holiday season yet. Celebrating without all the grandeur and hugs for the first time in a long time. Traveling home and being surrounded with a lot of people may not be as safe and feasible as before. For everyone’s protection, it is just better to avoid crowds and keep a safe distance from the vulnerable ones as much as possible. 

A lot of people even have lost their families and friends and some are intentionally keeping distance because they can’t take the risk. The overwhelming emotions of fear, sadness, anxiety, uncertainty and grief may have taken a toll on us but life needs to keep going. Until then, we can at least cling to that glimpse of hope. 

Despite the restrictions that the pandemic has brought about, it should not stop us all together from celebrating, with safety precautions of course. The holiday spirit is somehow a great diversion from all that’s been happening around us. Perhaps it even reminds everyone that we don’t really need a lot of gifts and food. We are brought back to the simplest times and realizing its true meaning. That the essence of family, love and compassion is everything we only need.

Good thing about this era is that technology is at the forefront, making it much easier to connect with people, at least virtually. The virtual life we’ve been living since the lockdown has become the norm and celebrating this season is no different. 

Whether you have been quarantining with your loved ones, or you are far away and choosing not to take the risk to protect them, know that we are each other’s responsibility and celebrate the season your way anyway. Times may have been rough this year, but it sure is eventually going to get better as long as we do our part.