July 30, 2020 2 min read



More and more people have become health conscious as social media is becoming more of a norm. They are trying to find ways on how to present themselves online while aspiring to have the bodies they want and live a healthier life overall. 

Along with it is increasing popularity of smoothies being marketed for diet and healthy food alternatives. Because it is very easy to prepare and can be modified according to any dietary preference, it has become the go-to food drink. 

Smoothies are usually made by blending fruits, veggies, yogurt, and other ingredients to get a creamy and somehow the similar cold consistency of a milkshake. It is mostly classified into any of these categories; fruit smoothie, green smoothie, and protein smoothie. It’s easy to pack them with nutrients because they are customizable. You can incorporate healthy food options directly and you can change them up every day. 

Daily smoothie intake can increase your fruits and vegetable consumption as compared to eating them raw or cooking them. It provides a wide range of essential vitamins, minerals fiber, and antioxidants that reduce inflammatory diseases and chronic conditions and ultimately improve digestion. 

While you can drink smoothies as a meal alternative or snack, it is important to know which types to choose when you have a personalized fitness routine or body goal in mind. Just make sure to control your portion size when making your own to balance out the nutrients you need. 

It may be marketed more as a weight-loss supplement but it’s good to acknowledge that it can be a more complicated process than just drinking it. Your daily nutritional needs and ability to lose weight may vary on many different factors that include your age, lifestyle, medical history, and habits. Smoothie may aid your diet if it can help you maintain a calorie deficit so you should choose ingredients that fit your daily calorie and nutrient needs.

Wanting to live a healthier life is more than just what’s on the outside. It all comes down to discipline and consistency. It is still better to feel great than just looking great.