September 02, 2020 1 min read


With experts estimating worldwide consumption of around 2 billion cups of coffee per day, it is no wonder that it is really a staple in almost everyone’s diet.Anyone who regularly drinks coffee will likely admit that it affects him or her positively in being productive throughout the day. 

Now that there are tons of cafes and coffee shops sprouting everywhere, drinking coffee has become like a cultural thing and one of the ways to socialize. Although it’s convenient to just order your favorite drink easily and indulge in a cozy ambiance or take it with you, it also means you are spending more than you know it. 

It is not wrong to treat yourself once in a while but buying outside every single day can really be a pain in your pocket especially if you want to set your budget.

The below items are for coffee lovers out there that can be useful and help you save some money, but still enjoy your coffee on a daily basis. 

  1.  InstaBrew™ | Portable Coffee Maker

A hand-operated coffee machine which is portable enough that allows you to prepare amazing coffee anywhere. Make your own coffee anytime and anywhere you go. Make pretty good espresso in a relatively short time if you have ground coffee and hot water ready.

  1. BrewPods™ | Coffee Capsule Rack

The most space-efficient way to store and organize your Nespresso Capsules/coffee pods. Stylish and functional, this holder is great for completing your coffee station. Turn the carousel easily to select the capsule you want to enjoy!