Keeping Your Home Clean And Virus-Free

January 21, 2021 2 min read

Keeping Your Home Clean And Virus-Free


With lockdowns still in place, most people are continuing to work from home and being urged to stay at home as much as possible. Even with the vaccines being rolled out, practicing social distance is still the safest thing to do to protect yourself and the people around you. 


We may even have to live with this kind of set-up for a while until it becomes more manageable. Your home is the safest you can be in while we are still fighting the battle against the virus. But staying home does not mean that you are completely shielded against it. 


It is recommended to clean regularly and disinfect your countertops, handles, doorknobs and any touch surfaces because some of the pathogens can live on these for several hours. Whether you live alone, with someone  and especially if you are with some people, it is really important to thoroughly clean spaces and things you touch to avoid spreading germs and viruses. 


Of course washing your hands regularly with soap and water or using alcohol and sanitizers are very important and we have some of the best products to help you clean with ease and keep your home free from any harmful bacteria and viruses. 


1. CleanAir™ Night Light Air Purifier


This air purifier eliminates pollutants and dirt particles to keep your indoor air fresh and clean, while releasing no harmful substances as it filters.


 2. SoapMatic™ | Automatic Soap Dispenser


Created with automatic hands-free technology that lets you get soap without having to touch anything at all. Dispenses a fixed amount - not too much, not too little - helping to reduce waste, saving on supply costs and keeping you more safe from viruses and bacteria.


3. WaterMist™ | H2O Portable Humidifier


Humidifies the dry air around you to create a healthy environment. Widely used in hotel, car, office, bedroom, living room, school dorm, and while traveling.


4. TurboScrub™ | Electric Cleaning  Brush


Built for long-lasting performance. Removes stubborn stains and dirt without a hassle. The highly sealed design makes it also resistant to splashing water and can be used under wet conditions. The brush heads can be adjusted to tilt or versatile by pressing the button on the head to reach corners.