How To Start With Home Automation

January 22, 2021 2 min read

How To Start With Home Automation


The increasing interest by consumers into smart home technology has got the biggest companies into innovating products in the past years and even more so in the future. Better and bigger technologies are constantly being developed to keep up with the needs. 


Smart homes used to be branded as luxurious but it slowly became more integrated into peoples’ home and work life. Nothing is more satisfying than knowing that you can plan your day ahead with just a simple and easy set up on a device screen or even in your own mobile phone. 


Home automation does not only help working parents or the elderly, but also those living alone and busy young adults and students. The convenience and comfort it offers is very promising. 


It is okay to not jump into the hype right away, you can still slowly walk your way through automating your home with some of the best products we think can help you start your journey. 



1. BabyTech™ | WiFi Baby Monitor


Features two-way audio to allow you to receive and transmit audio from any location with a Wi-Fi connection. It allows sharing your camera with family members or friends, and viewing multiple cameras on a single account. Now you can have the relief you need to keep your baby or belongings protected.


2. SmartGrind™ Electric Mini Food Chopper


Allows you to effortlessly crush, chop, mince ingredients quickly while making it safe with a security lock. Just put food or ingredients in this mini food processor by hand, lock the cover, and start with one click to quickly shred food. It instantly grind food without a hassle.


3. SmartHang™ Electric Clothes Drying Rack


This clothes dryer can dry suits, coats, dresses, jackets, T-shirts, underwear, bra, socks and so on. Even great for drying shoes! The hanger functions as it is, and it also functions as a dryer. There is also an air duct for shoes that can be used for both drying clothes and drying shoes.


4. TechLamp™ | Mushroom LED Lamp Charging Dock


This mushroom-like LED lamp is a multiple charging dock for your phones with overheating and short circuit protection. Comes with 5 ports, this multi-device charging station can charge up to 5 USB devices simultaneously, such as smartphones, tablets, cameras, headphones, etc.