June 20, 2020 2 min read

How The Pandemic Changed The Way We Live


The past few months have turned everyone’s world upside down. T'was like time has frozen and everything came to a still. We were all called to stay at home and it was probably the longest time for most people to ever stay indoors. 

It has even devastated a huge number of people in the workforce who were laid off, whose jobs got on hold, and some were displaced. Getting subjected to this whole new routine has caused mixed feelings and emotions that made us feel anxious and uncertain about what’s ahead of us. 

The idea of being stuck at home may have sounded a bit of a break from all the hustle and bustle we go through every day at first. But the longer we stayed isolated, it eventually had us reflecting on a lot of things that we used to neglect because we were so caught up in the cycle of just living to survive. 

The pandemic made us realize that no matter how much you work and how many things you acquire, it all becomes irrelevant when everything closes down. In a blink of an eye, we all became paralyzed. Although it pays to have been able to work hard and save up, it also straight-up hits us that we somehow cannot make up for the lost time. That it is important enough to live in the moment and make more memories together while we still can. 


No matter where life and circumstances may have taken us, nothing ever compares to being HOME.  Whether it be physically or spiritually being there. It is only in our family and loved ones where we can truly find refuge.


While things are slowly getting back to normal, we couldn’t help but still feel wary about how we will live in the new normal. The virus is still at large and we are continuously waiting for the vaccine. It takes time to adjust but it is even necessary to be cautious enough, follow medical advice and protocols to protect ourselves and those around us.

Through all that’s happened, it is important that you are in the right mindset and maintain a positive outlook in life. Think of new ways to be more productive and learn new skills to venture on fresh opportunities without forgetting how to show more compassion and kindness to people.