July 10, 2020 2 min read

Easy Meal Prep For Productive Mornings


Not everyone is a morning person. Who doesn’t want to just sleep and wake up whatever time they want? It can even be more of a struggle on Monday mornings, the start of the week for most people, and time to hustle over again. It could mean little time for self prep, even more so prepare and cook breakfast for people on the go and also puts pressure on those who actually prepare meals for their family. 

Being productive in the morning is a matter of discipline and setting goals for the day. If you already have laid out your plans and schedule your time ahead, it can get easier along the way. 

Of course, one thing that you shouldn’t skip is breakfast. Preparing your breakfast should be as easy as possible especially that you need to eat and go on with your day. But it is also important to note that it has to be packed with the nutrients you need to function. You can start by choosing whole foods like eggs, oatmeal fruits, pancakes, crepes, etc while trying to eat less of the sugary cereals.

We have some of the best products below that you can use to have a healthy, quick but delicious meal in the morning.


1. Procake™ Electric Pancake & Crepe Maker

This is a non-stick portable pan that has one-button control to easily make crepes, pancakes, tortillas, tacos, egg rolls, and many more! Your family will love it, they wouldn't even know it’s homemade!


2. SiliCake™ | Silicone Non-Stick Pancake Maker

Make your breakfast extra special with perfectly shaped pancakes for yourself or for your loved ones! You can easily flip and save more time because you can make 7 mini pancakes at the same time!


3. Yolker™ | Egg White Separator

Your handy little tool to instantly separate egg yolks from the whites! It is very convenient and practical to use for cooking and baking prep. With its small size, you can easily carry it anywhere.

Making breakfast should be easy enough and packed with the nutrition you need. Enjoy your daily routine and maintain a balanced meal!